What Our Organization Can Do For You

SCC is a non-profit 501© (3) organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for small and emerging businesses. Recent research shows that these young businesses are the real job creators.

SCC offers a continuum of services designed to assist Suncoast businesses in taking advantage of new and emerging opportunities. We have the unique ability to tailor our services based on the individual needs of our clients.  Our goal is to strengthen and develop local businesses to become job creators.

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SCC is currently providing microbusiness development services, including access to micro-loans of up to $50,000 through our lending partner Manatee Community Federal Credit Union (MCFCU), in Manatee County and is actively exploring opportunities to do the same in Sarasota, Charlotte and DeSoto Counties.  SCC provides a comprehensive approach to microbusiness development by connecting its clients with financial education, credit-building and computer training services. Through collaborations with MCFCU and other financial institutions, SCC can assist businesses in leveraging capital for additional opportunities.

What is a microbusiness? It’s any type of small business that has fewer than five employees and is small enough to benefit from loans of under $50,000. In general, microbusinesses do not meet the credit and/or collateral requirements necessary to access conventional financial services.

According to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, the U.S. would be at full employment if just one in three microbusinesses hired a single employee.  They call it The Power of One in Three.

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