Client Profile: Super Mac Carpet Cleaning

Each week we’ll feature a new client who has started or improved a small business using the expertise of Suncoast Community Capital. This week we spoke with Mackie Allen of Super Mac Carpet Cleaning.

Suncoast Community Capital CEO Mike Kennedy likes to joke that John Clement has a “bromance” with Mackie Allen.

 “He was my very first meeting when I started at SCC,” John said. “I have so much admiration for him because of how he’s persevered through incredible life experiences. He’s gone through things most people never have to experience and now he owns a promising business venture.”

Mackie started to work with John last August on developing a business plan for his carpet cleaning business. He had learned the trade of carpet cleaning many years ago and was ready to work as his own boss. He said he wanted to start his carpet cleaning business “mainly to create a better income for myself and help the economy by creating jobs.”

Like many new business owners, there was a lot for Mackie to learn including how to calculate financial projections for a business and how to use Microsoft Excel effectively. “John taught me how to work through tough spots,” Mackie said. “SCC has helped me by showing me how to manage and market my business.”

With the help of SCC, Mackie was funded through Manatee Community Federal Credit Union. The money went towards purchasing the carpet cleaning equipment needed to put Mackie in business.

Now that “SuperMac Carpet Cleaning” is on the path to success Mackie is reaching out to others. “He volunteers as a mentor and has referred two of collegues to SCC to start their own business,” John said. “Mackie is always looking for ways to help others.”

Support local entrepreneurs! Super Mac Carpet Cleaning can be reached at 941-405-5281.

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