Jamara Clark of C&B Multimedia

Each week we’ll feature a new client who has started or improved a small business using the expertise of Suncoast Community Capital. This week we spoke with Jamara Clark of C&B Multimedia.

Local teacher Jamara Clark and his partner Nathaniel Bostic have always had a passion for sports photography. When it came time to turn that passion into a business the first place they turned was Suncoast Community Capital.

“I’ve always wanted to be a small business owner,” Jamara explained. “Both my partner and I have a passion for photography and graphic design. We developed a business where we could enjoy our passions and create lasting memories for our customers.” The result is C&B Multimedia Sports Action Photography, a company that produces action shots at local sporting events and also produces life size posters of athletes.

As Jamara quickly learned, going into business for yourself is easier said than done. “There was a lot of work that went into it, a lot more work than we initially thought,” he said of creating his business plan. “John Clement at SCC has been a terrific resource for Nathaniel and I. He didn’t do it for us but he gave us advice when we needed it.”

John helped the business with personalized business counseling that helped Jamara start thinking about parts of a business he hadn’t considered. “Some of the advice we wished we had [before starting] was having our finances in order before starting the business because that could potentially hurt our chances for getting financing. Also, doing some market research looking at our surrounding communities and seeing what competition we had in the area of our business would have helped us greatly.”

Now that C&B Multimedia has gone from idea to start-up Jamara says he is “grateful” for the help received from Suncoast Community Capital.

“Anytime I talk with someone and I know they want to go into business for themselves the first person I steer them towards is John Clement,” Jamara said. “It’s a terrific resource. We’re very happy to be working with them and hope to have a relationship in the future.”

Are you interested in sports photography or have a graphic design project? Contact C&B Multimedia at 941-812-7183 or 941-301-1787. You can also visit www.candbmultimedia.com.

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