UEP Profile: Joyce Niederpruem of Concierge Care Management

Part of the fun of joining UEP on the Suncoast for Joyce Niederpruem, RN, was getting to talk to other entrepreneurs about their jobs.

“’I’ve always been a nurse so I like learning how other people make a living,” she said.

There’s no question that Joyce has the experience to run Concierge Care Management, a professional geriatric care management company based in Sarasota: she’s been a nurse for 34 years. Joyce explains that her business makes her a “surrogate daughter”. She will schedule doctor’s appointments for clients, arrange for in home care as well as follow up to evaluate the service of the care provider. Furthermore Joyce will attend doctors appointments with her clients to assure that all of their medical concerns are addressed. After appointments she will sit down with clients and debrief them on the appointment so they fully understand their treatment and prescriptions.

Her business idea came while working for another health care company.

Joyce Niederpruem of Concierge Care Management.

“In the last 15 years of my previous employment,  I saw there was a need for service coordination not being met by the health agency I worked for,” Joyce said. Although she made suggestions to her boss, the company wasn’t interested in exploring opportunities in health care management which is when she decided to branch out on her own.

Now after more than a decade of business Concierge Care Management is positioned to grow again. Joyce turned to UEP on the Suncoast for continued success.

“I saw it as a fantastic opportunity,” she said. “It’s like receiving a mini MBA.”

During the first three weeks of video conferencing Joyce said the focus has been on analyzing all components of her business. The UEP coaches are helping Joyce to discover new opportunities and, most importantly, develop strategies to achieve them.

“It’s revealing things I didn’t know, such as the strengths and weaknesses of the competition and how I match up to that. The process is also showing me the things I do well and then giving me the tools to capitalize on them.”

As a result of the progress made with the UEP coaches, Joyce foresees creating more jobs in the professional care management field in the near future.

“Each assignment is challenging but I learn so much. UEP is giving me the tools to grow.”

Do you know someone in need of care management services in Southwest Florida? Contact Concierge Care Management at (941) 953-9757, and be sure to visit www.ConciergeCareManagement.com

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