Gerry Walker of Sundance Catering and Events

When Gerry Walker bought Sundance Catering and Events two years ago he didn’t take the time to write a business plan for his new company. Today that is what he would call his “biggest mistake”.

“Not having that road map to guide me where I needed to go and how my business should be running didn’t let me see when there were areas that could be improved. The business plan development process [with SCC] has been very helpful,” Gerry said.

Fortunately for Gerry he turned to Suncoast Community Capital for help. “SCC is very streamlined in what they do,” he said. “When you first walk in you meet with them and fill out a questionnaire and that gives them an idea of where you stand.”

This efficiency is now being reflected in the daily operations of his business.

“Streamlining some ideas that I had and applying them to our everyday operations has made the business itself run better,” Gerry said. “[SCC] has done everything from help me build my personal credit up to where it needs to be to taking a lot of fear out of some of the things I’ve had to deal with. There’s so many things they’ve done it’s hard to go into detail about all of them.”

What’s one of the best things about SCC’s services? Gerry says its welcoming atmosphere. “I’ve developed a friendship with John as my counselor and I know that I can speak with him in anyway about anything that might be an issue with the business. With some other counselors I’ve dealt with it’s more of a business relationship than a personal one.”

Sundance Catering and Events is a primarily corporate caterer that also does weddings and special events. Now that Gerry has the guidance of Suncoast Community Capital he has decided to take on some exciting expansion projects.

“If it wasn’t for SCC, I wouldn’t be able to take some of the step’s I’m getting ready to in the few months to expand my business. Wherever direction [my business] heads, I will be confident in what I’m doing and the abilities I have to put it there,” he said.

Do you have an upcoming event that needs food service? Consider Sundance Catering and Events. Gerry can be reached at 941-341-0803 or for more information visit

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