Tracee Murphy Bomberger of Trademark Interior Design Joins the UEP

Interior design used to just be a favor Tracee Murphy Bomberger did for her friends after they saw her elegant home and asked her to makeover their own.

“I started by accident,” she explained. “I slowly started doing it for fun and then I figured I should probably get paid for this.”

Tracee, who already had a bachelor’s degree in psychology, went back to school for her associate’s in design and opened Trade Mark Interiors. For the past 12 years she’s been creating beautiful homes for residents of Sarasota often increasing their home value as a result. This year Trade Mark Interiors was a finalist in the Best Interior Design Category for Sarasota Magazine. With so much success coming her way Tracee needed help deciding where to take her business next.

“I knew I needed to take a step and make decisions on growth and hiring, but I wasn’t sure what type
UEP coaching has helped Tracee navigate through these difficult decisions by giving her a new perspective on her business. “What I found interesting so far is there are things I thought I knew but once I started doing the worksheet it opened my eyes to what I could learn.” of person to hire or where to best spend my money.”

The weekly sessions cover several different aspects of business and ask entrepreneurs to give their company an in-depth analysis. Each week participants are sent spreadsheets and flowcharts to help them break down the finer details of their company. These assignments have covered the strengths and goals of the company, marketing, and extensively financials. “It’s interesting how they’ve tied everything together,” Tracee said, adding that the process has turned her company into a “puzzle” with the coaches showing where each piece fits.

Tracee has already implemented what she’s learned from UEP in the marketing plan of her business, including a suggestion to add a new tagline to her company logo.

“I now have a more definite plan and am figuring out successful ways to grow,” Tracee said.

Transform your home today! Contact Trade Mark Interiors at 941-228-6574 and be sure to visit

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