Gulf Coast Gives Brings the Community Together to Benefit Non-profits

In the spirit of Kickstarter the Gulf Coast of Florida now has its own form of crowdsourced revenue. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a fundraising website where creatives can post an outline for a project (a documentary on the homeless, a children’s book about sea life, or for a group of local musicians a trip to New York to encourage a greener lifestyle). Those interested can donate any amount they choose to help fund the project. Each project sets a target amount of money to be raised and only gets any funds pledged if they reach that goal.

The same idea of community is at the core of the new Gulf Coast Gives website. Current projects seeking funding include money for a summer camp, repair to bicycle trolley’s on a nature path and even surgery for a kangaroo.

For the next 45 days Suncoast Community Capital will be running a campaign to give the public the chance to fund coaching for one Suncoast Community Capital client. $800 will allow one client go through the process from brainstorming business ideas to launching a successful enterprise.

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We currently offer our services at no cost to the clients, which means all of our expenses must be covered by generous donations. Through our campaign on Gulf Coast Gives you can give as little as $25 and make a huge difference in someone’s life. As a result of Suncoast Community Capital’s work, our clients find financial independence, create jobs and some even reduce their reliance on government aid.

Please check out this wonderful site and consider donating to our cause. Every little bit helps. We have until August 18 to raise the funds or we’ll lose every penny pledged in our support. Click here now to use your extra cash to make a difference in the economy of our community.

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