Suncoast Digital Press Plans Launch with Help From UEP

Jeff Orenstein has been writing his whole life. He’s worked as a communications manager, college professor and now serves as the publisher and editor of Living on the Suncoast magazine.

“Writing comes naturally to me,” Jeff said of his literary career.

It’s not surprising that his way with words inspired Jeff to start a publishing company of his own. The idea came about after discussions with Barbara Bingham, a columnist for Living on the Suncoast.

“I’d published books and published magazines,” Jeff explained. “Barbara had written books and published several e-books. First we thought about collaborating on an e-book or two, then we thought why not help other people publish?” The result is Suncoast Digital Press, an e-book publishing company scheduled to launch at the end of this year. Jeff was invited by Suncoast Community Capital to consider using UEP to help his business grow, and he “decided on a lark” to apply.

The company’s team may be small but it is full of talent. There’s Jeff, obviously, the publishing brains behind the business. Then there’s Jeff’s wife, a former CFO, and two of their closest friends. One just retired as a high level IT consultant and his wife was a personal banker who focused in marketing.

“Ed [Bernica, UEP Coach] said we have a pretty remarkable team. Five people with very little overlap of talents,” Jeff said.

As a new company, the UEP is currently helping the staff focus on the internal process of who is doing what, when, and how. Ed Bernica and Associate Business Coach Jill Green met with the group once a week via video conference. Barbara said that the program has really helped the founders to focus.

“When we come to the video conference, we focus on what’s important to build the business. It’s invaluable,” Barbara said. We all have other jobs and things- we’re not full time employees that we get to come together every day. Everything that we’re discussing we trust the expertise of Ed and Jill, so it’s a useful two hours.”

According to Jeff the guidance from UEP coaches has “accelerated and clarified” the development of their business plan.

“This gives me the feeling of being part of a large corporation structure even though we aren’t a large corporate structure,” Jeff said. “They are providing us with tools well beyond the typical small business with the advice of Ed and Jill. We have financial plans corporations twice our size would be jealous for.”

Are you ready to become a published author? E-mail info@suncoastdigitalpress for more information. 

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