New Business Provides Autonomy, Better Income for SCC Client

When Jamie Mosley’s friends kept sending her Excel spreadsheets to help them with, she realized she had a “natural knack” for administrative support.

“Friends would send me work they had to do and didn’t know how to do it,” Jamie explained. “I’d send it back in twenty minutes and they would be amazed because they had been working on it for two days.”

The idea for Productivity Lab, a virtual administrative consulting firm, floated around in Jamie’s head for eight years. A lack of start-up capital prevented her from putting her ideas into action. But after the birth of her twin boys she decided it was time to “control [her] own destiny and have a company that’s flexible but profitable.”

Before she met with SCC advisor Bob Terry Jamie said she kept trying to fit her business to a template, instead of the other way around. “The most important thing I learned is that it’s not always going to be a cookie cutter thing,” she said. “I was able to get everything to make sense in my head and put it on paper so it made sense to whomever read it.”

Jaimie launched her business at the end of April and is on the lookout for new clients. “We’ve done one time little things here and there but the goal is to always have a long term relationship.”

The best part of her new venture? Autonomy.

“I like being able to make my own decisions and brainstorming solutions as opposed to my other job where I’m just told what to do.”

As the primary source of income for her young family Jamie was motivated to start her own business so she could better provide for her children. When asked how she projects her venture will improve her income she said “exponentially.”

“Right now I’m working a part time job and I’m not getting paid what I’m worth,” Jamie said. “This will open it up so I can get employment places other than Bradenton.”

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