Ever thought of opening your own business?

Last year, more Americans became entrepreneurs than at any time in the last 15 years according to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO).  This month, Suncoast Community Capital invites anyone interested in starting a business in Manatee County to join this entrepreneur movement by attending an orientation for “Build-A-Business.”  A FREE six-week seminar, Build-A-Business covers the basics of starting and managing a successful business.  Participants will:

  • Clarify and set personal goals related to WHY they want to open a business,
  • Resolve any legal questions about licenses and regulations to know HOW to get started
  • Write a business plan that works and shows WHAT they will be doing
  • Understand branding and marketing to know WHO they need to engage
  • Identify multiple sources to know WHERE to look for start-up funding
  • Create a budget and operational plan so they are ready WHEN their business gets going

Anyone interested is strongly encouraged to attend an orientation session on Thursday, June 19 at 6:00pm in SCC’s Enterprise Center (302 Manatee Avenue East, Bradenton, in Suites 307 & 308). Classes begin promptly at 6:00pm and meet for three hours on the following six Thursdays: June 26, July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31 and August 7 with Graduation on August 14.  The instructors also offer one-on-one counseling sessions to the students.

Funded in part by the Manatee County Community Development Block Grant program, this is the fourth class to be offered in Manatee County, with more classes planned for this year. Build-A-Business classes are geared towards low- and moderate-income residents in Manatee County who reside in or plan to open a business in specific areas of the county. To register, or for more information about eligibility contact Suncoast Community Capital at (941) 744-2666 ext 3 or email catherine@suncoastcc.com for a registration packet.


About Suncoast Community Capital

Suncoast Community Capital works with people of low-income to achieve financial stability in our community.
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