We ❤ Microbusiness … and AEO!

Percent of all US businesses that are “microbusinesses,” meaning they have less than 5 employees including the owner.

The percentage of private sector employees working in microbusinesses (we’re talking 41.3 million people, thats not nothing!).

$4.87 trillion
business generated by US microbusinesses (to give perspective, manufacturing contributes $2.03 trillion and healthcare $3 trillion to the American economy).

Increase in median net worth of microbusiness owners wealth compared to their non-business-owning counterparts.

1 in 3
If one in every three microbusinesses in the US could add an employee, America would reach full employment.

What is holding back this full-employment scenario?  The Association for Enterprise Opportunity will be holding a press conference about that very question on Thursday and we are staying tuned.  Are you a microbusiness owner?  Do you work at a microbusiness?  Where does your firm stand in terms of growth – could you do more if you could hire more?  What keeps you from that growth scenario?  Join us back here later this week as we discuss the results of Thursday’s press conference.


About Suncoast Community Capital

Suncoast Community Capital works with people of low-income to achieve financial stability in our community.
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