BUSINESS 9 – Total Performance Mobile Detailing

Every month, SCC will use 9 facts to tell the story of a small business that has been helped in some way by our services. We hope you will find it informative, but most of all consider the importance of seeking out these unique, local (mostly micro)businesses as you decide where to spend your money.


Oliver Cade owns Total Performance Mobile Detailing and has been in the car detailing business for almost 15 years.  He recently spoke with SCC about his life, his business and shared his expertise.  Here are Oliver’s 9 facts.

This is Oliver’s busy season with Total Performance Mobile Detailing.  Gift cards are coming back after the holidays and snowbirds are in town so more cars to wash more often.  Thursdays and Fridays are his busiest days as people get off work and want their cars in tip-top shape for the weekend.  He prefers to work in the morning before the heat of the day but details vehicles on the customer’s schedule.

The key to keeping any car in great shape.  Oliver recommends car owners wax their vehicles monthly (a service Total Performance Mobile Detailing provides with skill).  When Oliver details, he will even wax the headlights to keep them from getting “clouded over.” In addition to this monthly treatment, Cade suggests washing your vehicle weekly and is happy to work out a plan for regulars who are interested in this type of plan.

Oliver’s favorite car (that he’s ever owned).  He had one of these when he was 23 and beefed up the 350 engine so that it could really move!  He’s currently considering purchasing a 1978 Camaro and is a big fan of the “muscle cars” from the 70’s.  An old car fan, Oliver has experience detailing antique and vintage cars from all eras through his business, Total Performance Mobile Detailing.

The exterior car colors that are best at hiding dirt. The worst? Black, “it’s impossible to keep a black car clean,” says Oliver, “the moment you finish washing it, dust, lint, anything touches the surface and shows up like dirt.”  A word to the wise if you are currently car shopping.

The most effective form of business development for Total Performance Mobile Detailing. Oliver has built much of his business on referrals from current clients, body shops and his own network of family and friends.  He also has print materials and a facebook page.  This year he hopes to create a web page and get a new look for his mobile detailing van, maybe a wrap or a new paint job with signs.

Oliver recommends using this product on interior fabric finishes, even carpet.  Once the interior has been cleaned, a light, even spray of Scotch Guard will keep the dirt from getting deeply inside the finishes.  For durable interiors, Case sees leather hold up the best and unless carefully cared for, those light-colored fabric interiors like tan or gray tend to wear the worst.

32” RIMS
Some of the details about a vehicle can take longer – one car he recently detailed took up to 15-20 minutes on each wheel because of the size and complexity of the rims.  You can see this burgundy beauty on his facebook page under Photos.  In addition to cars with specialty accessories, Total Performance Mobile Detailing has experience detailing vehicles like -limousines, boats and RV’s.

Cade is a family man, with three adult children and two grandchildren.  He relates that cars and speed have always been a part of his life and currently enjoys spending time with his cousin, IHRA Drag Racer Stanley Albritton, Jr. at SAJ Motorsports.

Oliver’s advice to anyone who is thinking of starting his or her own business. “It’s not hard, just go out there d market yourself.” Oliver is grateful to the boost he got in classes and one-on-one counseling from Suncoast Community Capital because he had detailed cars for 10 years but never owned a business. When asked what he enjoys most about owning his business, he replied “Being my own boss.”

Total Performance Mobile Detailing can be reached at 941-357-3265 and is on facebook as well.


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Suncoast Community Capital works with people of low-income to achieve financial stability in our community.
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