Bridges to Careers

CareerEdge Funders Collaborative started the Bridges to Careers initiative in April 2011, serving both incumbent workers and job seekers.   Bridges to Careers for Low-Skilled Workers is a program now managed by Suncoast Community Capital, thanks to funding from CareerEdge, to enhance the skills and earning capabilities of our community members by providing them with an opportunity to obtain the necessary skills through formal training and credentialing so that talent and skill can be acquired to assist them in entering the workforce successfully and permanently.

The program offers:

  • Florida Ready to Work credentialing
  • Employer Tour
  • Workplace Success Skills classes
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy classes
  • Financial Literacy classes
  • Interview preparation & resume writing
  • Career Coaching & Mentorship program
  • Help securing full-time employment  from local employer partners

 For additional information, and a link to apply to Bridges to Careers, please visit:

You may also contact Suncoast Community Capital at 941.744.2666 ext. 2 or email jessica.ruter@suncoastcc.comfor more information.


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