Setting goals with students in Bridges to Careers, a program of CareerEdge

guest speaker volunteer employment class

Danny Preston of Tempo News

SCC’s session of Bridges to Careers, a program of CareerEdge kicked off today with guest speaker Danny Preston, Account Executive with Tempo News. A graduate of Wilberforce University, Mr. Preston has lived all over the country and held a number of high-level professional jobs.

His message to the students today was about goal setting. He recalled the “telephone game” kids play, where one person starts by whispering a statement to the next person and on down the line.  What almost always happens is that the last person to hear the original statement ends up with something completely different than what was said. Preston related this to goal setting when we only think of our goals in a general way.  

He encouraged the students to make goals that are clear, concise, specific and measurable objectives.  And to WRITE DOWN THOSE GOALS. By writing down the goals, they stay clear instead of succumbing to the “telephone effect” of getting hazy or forgotten over time.

Organizations, businesses, churches and associations do this kind of thing regularly, so why not people?  The students in this Bridges to Careers class are busy writing down those goals right now.  Stay tuned because this group is going to do great things …


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Suncoast Community Capital works with people of low-income to achieve financial stability in our community.
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